• Reluctant Folky

    Keith grew up in Bromsgrove and began writing songs around the time he started to play the guitar - aged fifteen. Folk music wasn't 'cool' and over the years he kept trying to convince himself that he could rock with the best of them. He failed (!) and 'discovered' folk music in his late twenties when living in the West Country.

    Keith came to love the music, the informality and camaraderie of the folk scene.

  • Coming Home

    After moving back to the Midlands in 2001 he started going regularly to Bromsgrove Folk Club and was encouraged to play on open mic nights as well as in the local singers set at the Festival. It was a home-coming in more ways than one, inspiring Keith to play in earnest and write songs again.

    The Woodman Folk Club in Kingswinford has been `home' for the last few years but he still pops over to Bromsgrove from time to time and performed a set with friends at the Festival in 2018.

    Keith particularly appreciates songs that have a story behind them. Many of his own touch on spiritual and social themes, as well as making connections with local stories and personal experiences.

    Married to Jill, Keith lives in Bewdley. The couple have three sons (all of whom share an interest in music), three daughters-in-law and five grandchildren.