15. Sep, 2017

Wise versus wayward?

I'd overlooked this rather nice review from Derry Jones of my gig with Tim at the Woodman Folk Club on 7 July.


"Well, yet another great night was had by all last Friday, 7th July. Keith and Tim played a blinder!

"It was an excellent show put on by two lovely people.

"Keith, (Dad) and Tim, (Son), are both immensely talented performers. Individually they both have different styles and different techniques and different outlooks, but they cleverly melded all this together, brilliantly turning it into a very funny "double act" of wise versus wayward.

"No Djembe, that's Djembe, but lots of variety with guitars, mandolin, saxophone and, (technophobes look away now), a rather clever little device called a looper. This device allowed Tim to create layer upon layer of backing voices, percussion and riffs. A sort of talent terrine!

"Well done also to all our mad and talented, home grown performers who set the scene so well for the main act.

"'Twas a cracking night!"


Thanks, Derry. Thanks, too, to our friend Derek Mitchell who played on a couple of songs. Derek is a superb guitarist and told me he'd learnt 'Holding Back' by Dougie MacLean, so would I like to sing it? Tim added low whistle and I reckon we did a pretty good job! Derek's playing was immaculate! :-)