13. Nov, 2019

Cracking night at the Crown!

What a great evening! I really enjoyed Saturday's gig at the Crown Inn, Fivehead. The room was full, the atmosphere warm and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves immensely.

The organisers don't charge for these monthly Folk & Acoustic Nights but pass a beer mug round for donations to pay the guest musicians. Thank you everyone for your overwhelming generosity. I was dead chuffed! 🙂

I also sold another ten CD's and have actually sold out of 'People & Places', which is brilliant! More money for Primrose.

Thanks to Laurie & Karen, as well as Steve & Jacqui (proprietors) for your welcome. (Laurie took the photos.)

Thanks to the friends who came along to support. Lovely to be reunited!

Also to the 'floor singers', especially Norman & Ingrid. Great to see you both again. Norman is a superb musician with a gorgeous voice. "A class act!" Jill whispered, as he was singing 'Journey's End' from his new album 'Walkin' the Road' - available here.