25. Nov, 2018

Just home after our Primrose Hospice 'Lights of Love' service at Beacon Church in Rubery. Claire Turner (Vicar of St Chad's) gave a wonderfully clear message linking 1 Corinthians 13 with this excellent video - Love is a Gift. Can I recommend that you watch and share it with others? As Claire said, this message is worth a lot more than the £millions spent on promoting well-known shopping outlets!

The theme runs through the Primrose Hospice 'Lights Love' and Mary Stevens Hospice 'Tree of Light' campaigns at this time of year.

Our ‘Lights of Love’ services at Bromsgrove Methodist Church and St Stephen’s, Redditch last weekend were well received. In Bromsgrove I reflected on the Christmas 1914 truce during WW1 and shared some words from the poems of Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy, AKA ‘Woodbine Willie’. You might like to check out the song I wrote about him and recorded on ‘People & Places’. Paul & Jane Edwards sang two songs – ‘Little Universe’ and ‘This Small Song’ – which fitted the atmosphere so well. I think they won a whole bunch of new ‘shining friends’!

We had between 500-600 people at our two Mary Stevens Hospice 'Tree of Light' services, held outside in the grounds for the first time in many years. The numbers attending certainly confirmed the popularity of our decision to move the events back to the hospice grounds in front of the special tree.

Although referred to as a ‘service’, there was a varied programme which included music from Black Country Brass (who created a great atmosphere), the Mary Stevens Hospice Choir and local singer Eddy Morton. Eddy’s beautiful song ‘Lighthouse’ was spot on! We also sang ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’, which I introduced by reflecting on the first Christmas after my dad died and the hope held out to us in the name ‘Immanuel’. The great thing about carols is that people like singing them even if they don’t believe in the story!

How silently, how silently
The wondrous gift is given!

27. Aug, 2018

It's been a while but a NEW SONG emerged while I was on holiday in July! 🙂 The Pembrokeshire coastline played a part - inspiring a number of sea-related images in 'Rescue me!'

The song had it's maiden voyage, so-to-speak, at the lovely Sandpiper Folk Club in Pattingham last Wednesday and seemed to go down well. The Pigot Arms provides a super venue and everyone was very friendly throughout an evening of really good music. Thanks to all, especially Brian and Geoff, for their welcome and also to those who kindly bought CD's! I look forward to going again sometime.

18. Aug, 2018

... via Kingswinford. This was rather special!


I happened to come across this video today. Sara Lind from Sweden 'brought the house down' at The Woodman Folk Club in June 2006, with her rendition of 'County Down' by Tommy Sands. I did my best to accompany her. (Playing the Baby Taylor guitar I had in those days.)

Sara was unfamiliar with the folk scene when she got to know our family c.2005. Classically trained and more used to choral music than folk, she took a little persuading to sing this great song by Tommy Sands - popularised by Danu on their album 'The Road Less Travelled' (2003).

As you can see/ hear, Sara 'nailed it'!



16. Jul, 2018

Great time at Bromsgrove Folk Festival. Thanks again to maestros Derek and Kirsty for playing on Friday afternoon. I had so many lovely comments - including several from people who couldn't believe it was only our second gig!

Overall it was a wonderful weekend. Many thanks to Bob Bignell and the team for organising everything. Highlights for me were the sublime songwriting skills of Robin Laing and the spellbinding storytelling of Ursula Holden Gill.

9. Jul, 2018

Following the Primrose Fête the trio of Keith Judson, Derek Mitchell & Kirsty Daniels have been invited to perform at Bromsgrove Folk Festival!


If you're there on Friday afternoon, please come and support us in the Mini Marquee at 3.45pm or thereabouts.